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  • Beswick Cat - Vintage Cats

    Beswick Siamese Cat


    This small but perfectly formed Beswick Siamese Cat is exquisite in its detail. It stands approx. 4 inches tall and is in perfect condition.

  • Beswick Long Coat Cat

    Beswick White Long Coat Cat


    Little white cat with a long fur coat detail, bright blue eyes. In excellent condition.

    Approximately 4 inches tall.

  • Buy This Blue & White China Cat

    Blue and White Cat


    A Blue and White Cat with a matching blue bow. Approximately 6 inches tall and in perfect condition.

  • Buy This Manx Cat Today

    Manx Cat


    Unusual Manx Cat produced by an Isle of Man pottery. Distinctive by its tortoiseshell colouring and lack of tail. A great addition to any cat collection.

  • Pink And Grey Cat - Vintage Cats

    Pink & Grey China Cat


    An elegant cat that is multi-coloured with pink,lilac and grey. Stands approx 5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

  • Get Quail Cat - George Today

    Quail Cat – George


    Made by Quail Pottery George is the picture of a contented cat having a nap after a good feed!

  • Quail Cat - Tim - Vintage Cats

    Quail Cat – Tim


    Tim is made by Quail Pottery and is sitting waiting in anticipation possibly for your attention. He is 6 inches tall in perfect condition with a beautiful shiny coat.

  • Royal Doulton Figurine - Amanda

    Royal Doulton Figurine – Amanda


    Classic Royal Doulton Figurine Amanda, a smaller figure standing at approx 5 inches tall. She has the usual exquisite detail you expect to find on Royal Doulton pieces. Her registered number is HN2986.

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