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  • Get Quail Cat - George Today

    Quail Cat – George


    Made by Quail Pottery George is the picture of a contented cat having a nap after a good feed!

  • Quail Cat - Tim - Vintage Cats

    Quail Cat – Tim


    Tim is made by Quail Pottery and is sitting waiting in anticipation possibly for your attention. He is 6 inches tall in perfect condition with a beautiful shiny coat.

  • Royal Doulton Figurine - Amanda

    Royal Doulton Figurine – Amanda


    Classic Royal Doulton Figurine Amanda, a smaller figure standing at approx 5 inches tall. She has the usual exquisite detail you expect to find on Royal Doulton pieces. Her registered number is HN2986.

  • Buy Royal Doulton Lady Figurine - Kaitlyn Now

    Royal Doulton Lady Figurine – Kaitlyn


    Royal Doulton figurine: Kaitlyn

    Elegant lady in perfect condition. She stands approximately 8 inches tall and is registered as number HN4128.

  • Buy This Royal Doulton Miniature Figurine - Sara Today

    Royal Doulton Miniature Figurine – Sara


    Sara is an elegant figure in her green and pink ballgown. Fine detail on this miniature by Peggy Davies of Royal Doulton. Sara is just 4 inches tall and is in perfect condition. The registered number is HN3219

  • Victorian Skirt Lifter For Sale

    Victorian Skirt Lifter


    Victorian Silver Plated Skirt Lifter. Stop your long dresses getting covered in mud by using this skirt lifter to raise the hem of your dress, just like Victorian ladies used to do. This is a rare and unusual item.

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